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EMBLEM WABAF210 is a high quality non-reflective backlit film for frontlit printing. The microporous inkjet coating ensures short drying times and can be printed with common water-based dye and pigment inks and latex. This enables brilliant colour reproduction with and without backlighting - Day & Night. The one-sided matting on the print side ensures a smooth diffusion of light for optimal colour gradations and neutral reproduction of greyscales. The glossy reverse side protects the print from scratches during finishing and, together with the excellent flatness, ensures high production reliability.
The WABAF210 is a PVC-free backlit due to the environmentally conscious selection of raw materials from German production.
Typical applications are backlight boxes, frames, displays and graphic-art.

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Prod.No. WABAF210
application media POS + exhibition stand
keyfeature1 antiglare
type of media backlit
keyfeature2 microporous
property media translucent
keyfeature3 PVC free
print technology waterbased pigment ink
latex ink
waterbased dye ink