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The following hardware is available from us:

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Our recommendations

New LED tension frame modules

Textile advertising on LED stretch frame modules.

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Spare parts

Roland, Mutoh, Summa, Oki Large format printers and plotters.

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Media descriptions

Here you will find our media descriptions at a glance.

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EMBLEM textiles

Market and product description textile advertising.

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EMBLEM wallpapers

Market and product description individual wallpaper printing.

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EMBLEM Display Media

Market and product description of products for display media in shopfitting and trade fair construction.

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This textile can be used unlit or backlit On the one hand as a "Frontlit", illuminated from the front, or as a "backlit" textile, illuminated from the back.

The textile structure is barely visible because the dense weave creates optimal light diffusion. The matt surface minimises reflections. Due to the special coating, which has been adapted for use in modern LFP inkjet printers, brilliant colours can be produced. Furthermore, we obtain homogeneous print surfaces and finest detail drawings with printing technologies using eco-solvent, solvent, latex and UV-curable inks. Translated with (free version)