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EMBLEM Trend Victory Vinyl is a matt white coated soft PVC film for printing with waterbased inks. The low-reflection surface is waterproof and universally printable. Prints with high colour brilliance can be achieved.
SFOMPOXV can be used to create self-adhesive prints for indoor and outdoor use. Water resistant prints can only be achieved with pigmented inks. Prints made with dye-based inks should be laminated to improve durability. Trend Victory Vinyl can be edge to edge laminated. It is used for short to medium term applications. The durability is strongly influenced by the environmental conditions, the location and the surface to be covered. Main indoor applications are stickers, posters, displays and trade fair construction. Outdoors, it is often used for signage, construction signs and shop window design.

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keyfeature1 self-adhesive
keyfeature2 matte
type of media adhesive film
property media microporös
transparent glue
flame retardant
application media out-of-home advertising
POS + exhibition stand
print technology waterbased pigment ink
waterbased dye ink