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EASYLAM Expert 80 C: a laminator for the use of cold laminating foil with liner. The machine has 2 axes: one for the roll of laminate and the other for the winding of the liner. The maximum laminating width is 800 mm. The unit is a table-top unit. The dimensions are: Width:105cm - Depth:35 cm - Height:37 cm. The device weighs 30 kg and has 2 recessed grips in the housing, on which the machine can be carried around. The Expert 80C can also be used to apply application paper or foil. This is especially supported. The APP roll can be placed in a special roll core holder so that the APP film rests on the upper roll. Thus, the APP film can be fed directly between the rollers and pressed onto the plotted letters of a vinyl film.


1.950,00 €*

Prod.No. 25931
producer EMBLEM
application HW display outdoor
POS + exhibition stand
art print
big pictures
poster indoor
out-of-home advertising
free standing signs
display indoor
digital printing
keyfeature2 easy initial startup
keyfeature1 easy handling
property HW roll and board
technology HW lamination