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EMBLEM TREND Textile Banner lite FR 2 is based on a light weight polyester fabric. The coating of TTBLFR2 allows to achieve intense colours with most common waterbased pigment and dye inks. This textile is used in a wide range of indoor applications like shop-decoration and shopfitting because TTBLFR2 is flame retardant according DIN 4102-B1. The smooth structure of the matt surface permits prints without reflexion.
Typical applications are shop-decoration, fairground, shopfitting, stage-decoration.

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Prod.No. TTBLFR2
keyfeature2 matte
print technology waterbased pigment ink
waterbased dye ink
keyfeature1 flame retardant
property media tearproof
flame retardant
type of media textil
application media display
POS + exhibition stand