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EMBLEM SOLUMAX2 is a translucent backlit film based on a clear and colorless polyester film. It can be printed with all common EcoSolvent, Solvent, UVC and Latex inks. The water-resistant coating of the backlit film enables a high ink level and good scratch resistance. In transillumination, the SOLUMAX2 is characterised by a high degree of whiteness and intense colours. An even light diffusion is created by the matting on the print side, which ensures optimal colour gradations and a neutral reproduction of greyscales. Therefore, small scratches on the reverse side, which can occur during further processing, do not affect the backlit film’s transillumination properties and, together with the excellent flatness, ensure a high level of production reliability.
Typical applications for SOLUMAX2 are light boxes, illuminated displays and graphic art.

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application media display
keyfeature1 translucent
type of media backlit
keyfeature2 hohe Kratzbeständigkeit
keyfeature3 Day&Night
property media waterproof
PVC free
print technology eco solvent ink
solvent ink
uv curable ink
latex ink
mild-solvent ink
hard-solvent ink