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Laminating films of our EMBLEM SOCALAM4 series are high performance PVC films for car
wrapping and finishing process at graphic industry. The pressure sensitive glue allows a fast
and effective workflow during lamination process from roll. Main application is the protection
of prints on cast vinyl like EMBLEM SOFOGLC or SOFOGLCEB for use at car wrapping.
SOCALAMGL4 gives a uniform gloss to the print and protects them from abrasion,
humidity and slight mechanical influences.
In order to avoid bleaching from the prints EMBLEM SOCALAMGL4 has a UV protector. The
lamination film can be used for in- and outdoor applications and has best characteristics
against yellowing and humidity.

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type of media lamination film
property media selfadhesive
keyfeature1 transparent
keyfeature3 water resistant
application media car wrapping 3D
car curvature signage
car signage plain surface
keyfeature2 transparent glue