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EMBLEM Solvent Mesh High Quality FR is a PVC coated mesh fabric with an even structure. The fabric of the banner is based on a high-strength polyester yarn. Advantages of the SOMEHQFR are the light transmission - it has an opening value of approx. 17 % with frontal view - and the lower weight compared to a closed banner. The integrated cross fibre and the even structure ensure an excellent print image and a convincing appearance.
The mesh banner SOMEHQFR can be printed with common Solvent, EcoSolvent, Latex and UV inks. The medium is laminated on the back with a carrier foil, which offers an optimal protection against the penetration of ink during the printing process and enables the use of printers with suction table. Since SOMEHQFR is not easily flammable according to DIN 4102-1, it can also be used indoors.
Main fields of application are to cover scaffoldings, indoor/outdoor promotional messages

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keyfeature2 flame retardant
application media out-of-home advertising
keyfeature4 spannbar
print technology eco solvent ink
solvent ink
uv curable ink
latex ink
mild-solvent ink
hard-solvent ink
keyfeature3 ösbar
type of media banner
property media tearproof
flame retardant
keyfeature1 with backing