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EMBLEM Polymeric Vinyl Transparent Glossy 70 C P consists of a glossy, transparent, polymeric soft PVC film. The high-quality PE-liner provides a good dimensional stability during the further processing. On the POVITG70CP waterproof prints can be made with standard eco solvent, solvent, latex and UVC inks. Due to the excellent colour reproduction and special drying properties, high-quality and detailed prints can be produced on the film.
The transparent permanent adhesive can be easily repositioned during the application. The closed adhesive surface is also suitable for application in wet processes.
The film complies with fire protection class B1 according to DIN 4102-1 and can therefore also be used indoors. This article produced in Germany complies with the EU regulation 1907/2006 (REACH).
The application duration of the film is 7 years in outdoor applications. The durability in outdoor use refers to the film and the adhesive. The durability of the print is determined by the inks used, climatic conditions and the laminate that may be used.

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keyfeature2 permanent
type of media adhesive film
keyfeature1 transparent
keyfeature3 transparent glue
application media out-of-home advertising
POS + exhibition stand
car curvature signage
car signage plain surface
property media selfadhesive
transparent glue
print technology eco solvent ink
solvent ink
uv curable ink
latex ink