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EMBLEM Latex UV Wall Decoration 130 Adhesive is a wallpaper based on non-woven paper for individual interior design. The matt, white surface of the wallpaper can be printed with standard latex and UV inks and is characterized by a soft feel. The back of the product is self-adhesive.
Due to the special surface you can achieve brilliant photorealistic prints with a high ink coverage. This product is free of PVC, plasticizers and solvents. Without the addition of heavy metal compounds and formaldehyde. EMBLEM LUVWADE130ADH is stable in dimension, crack-bridging and easy to apply. The wallpaper adheres to smooth wall surfaces or plasters painted with dispersion paint or primer.
Typical applications for EMBLEM LUVWADE130ADH are individual decoration for living spaces, children’s rooms, shopping malls, museums, booth constructions, commercial buildings, hotels and restaurants, wall tattoos.

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keyfeature2 PVC free
type of media paper
property media opaque
transparent glue
application media POS + exhibition stand
keyfeature1 self-adhesive
keyfeature4 easy handling
print technology uv curable ink
latex ink
keyfeature3 matte