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The F1612 is Summa’s smallest F Series flatbed cutter, fitting effortlessly into many production
area’s. It represents the ideal cutting solution for sign makers who want to automate their
cutting workflow or extend their cutting applications.

With an ever-increasing arsenal of tools and optional add-ons, the F Series flatbed cutting system is the breakthrough cutting solution you’ve been dreaming about.

These devices are built modularly.

Standard Accessories:
Drag Module, Conveyor System, Roll-Feed System, Safety System 2020, Pneumatic Pack, ADC left&right, standard 36° blade holder, 1 standard blade, 1 fiber-tip pen, hex screwdriver (4mm), hex screwdriver (2.5mm), USB cable (3 meter), USB extension cable (0.5 meter), media guide flanges (set of 2), Summa GoProduce software.

54.990,00 €*

Prod.No. 23070
property HW dragknife
tangential knife
roll and board
producer SUMMA
application HW signmaking
technology HW cut