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Summa S One D140FX Dragknfe Cutter.
Cutting vinyl is the main job on S One roll cutters. Therefore, Summa developed
the S One cutter in order to fulfill this need in all its aspects. The S One cutter is
your companion if you want to perform long jobs, if you want the job to be done
in time and if you want a perfect cut without any hassle. The S One cutter offers
you all this and more. Even cutting around pre-printed jobs is possible.

Summa S One D140FX has limited choice of position of the pinch rollers.
138 cm cutting width
• Optimised for rolls of 137 cm, 122 cm, 100 cm, 91 cm, 75cm, 61 cm, 50 cm, 40 cm, 30 cm
• Accepts media up to 142 cm wide
• Stand and basket included
• Full OPOS functionality included
• Perfect match to any 138 cm (54in.) printer

4.240,00 €*

Prod.No. 27038
keyfeature3 easy handling
keyfeature1 high quality
producer SUMMA
keyfeature2 professional design
application HW display outdoor
POS + exhibition stand
window decor. outdoor
window decor. indoor
display indoor
car signage plain surface
textil transfer
technology HW cut
property HW roll