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Mutoh XpertJet 1682SR-40:
The XpertJet family offers a brand new design. The new printer platform integrates proven and industry-leading Mutoh technology according to the demand of professional print service providers. It is full of product enhancements to provide you with ease of use and reliability for a long time. XpertJet 1682SR - 30 has 2 piezo heads (staggered) This allows you to select 2 ink types: MS41 or UMS11. The ink combination that can be selected is 2 x c,m,y,k or c,m,y,k,lk,lc,lm. Depending on the ink configuration, a theoretical max. print speed of 48.1m/h² or 87 m²/h can then be achieved. This printer is delivered with a take-up for rolls up to 40 kg.


21.495,00 €*

Prod.No. 27058
application HW display outdoor
POS + exhibition stand
window decor. outdoor
window decor. indoor
art print
big pictures
poster indoor
out-of-home advertising
free standing signs
display indoor
car signage plain surface
car wrapping
car curvature signage
textil transfer
digital printing
producer MUTOH
property HW ink eco solvent
technology HW print