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EMBLEM LED-Tenter Frame Modul 85 x 200 cm
Our new LED tenter frames are based on a module as a modular system. It is not only quickly assembled but also expandable and exchangeable. OSRAM LED lamps are installed in the cross struts. The electrical connection is made via a magnetic contact. No tools are required for assembly. All parts are elegant and easy to assemble and lock with quick-release fasteners. Crossbars, power supplies: everything is included in one bag. The only thing missing is the printed advertising - a stretch fabric cloth with piping in the right dimensions. We recommend EMBLEM SOMATE or SOMASO.
Several modules can be connected to each other to form a wall using plug connectors. This makes it possible to assemble entire walls. This module has the following parts in the bag: 2 x horizontal profiles, 2 x vertical profiles at the top, 2 x vertical profiles at the bottom, 1 x middle bar, 1 x y-cable, 1 x power supply and 2 x feet.

425,00 €*

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