EASYLAM 160W is a lamination system for professional use. Practice-oriented material guide, various options and a working speed, adjustable in 14 gradations up to 9,9 m/min. The roller can be moved automatically on one of the settings for fi lm ("FILM"-key), soft material ("SOFT"-key)or "open" (40 mm).
The great distance of the rolls (up to 40 mm), simple clutch of the axles and self-snatching coreholders guarantee an universal input with extremely short set-up times. Each of the unwind- and take-up-spindles is adjustable by an own fi nely controllable brake or clutch for wrinkle-free unwinding of the laminate and taking up of the liner immaculately. You adjust the opening of the roller electrically. The control panel is clearly structured and the menues can be used intuitively. The upper roller is heatable up to 55°C. The premium-quality siliconrollers with a diameter of 110 mm feed the warmed cold-lamination-fi lm on to the print smoothly. An adjustable table to apply the material, fi nger protector, pressure sensors for the rollers, overheat protection and emergency stop switch are of course components of the EASYLAM.

6.990,00 €*

Prod.No. 24929
technology HW lamination
keyfeature2 easy initial startup
keyfeature1 easy to use
application HW digital printing
textil transfer
car curvature signage
car wrapping
car signage plain surface
display indoor
free standing signs
out-of-home advertising
poster indoor
big pictures
art print
window decor. indoor
window decor. outdoor
POS + exhibition stand
display outdoor
producer EMBLEM
property HW roll