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This print head is resistant against solvent based inks especially for Mutoh eco solvent inks named "Eco Ultra". The durability of this head is drops. After that single nozzles may not work anymore what effects worse print quality. Especially in homogenous areas you can see banding. If you replace the Mutoh DX5 print head we propose to replace also the damper. Dampers are small filtering systems to hold crust and sedimentary before the inks flow into the print head. Otherwise the print head would clog. This Mutoh DX5 print head consists of 8 lines by 180 nozzles and has 8 undependant ink channels. This is used for either 2 x 4 colours or 8 colours. The minimum droplet size is 1,5 pico litre - the maximum is 21 pico litre. Nearly the same print head and spare part is used in printers from other suppliers like Roland and Mimaki. Using ink which is not matched for this print head may cause clogging or deforming of the nozzles. Unmatched chemical components of the ink may affect components of the print head. To replace this DX5 print head, it is necessary to have professional qualifications. It has to be done by an qualified service technician. The personnel used must be permanent, specialized, and continually trained.

1.990,00 €*

Prod.No. 40120
MPN DF-49684
producer MUTOH
type printhead